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???�天下不�??�恐天下不乱 [wei2 kong3 tian1 xia4 bu4 luan4] /determined by a desire to see the entire world in chaos/lest all underneath heaven's not in chaos and disorder/ keV Electricity, a approach often called Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just five% of fusible hydrogen, it might suffice to explain how stars bought their Electricity. (We now know that many 'normal' stars have far more than 5% hydrogen)|Being an Vitality source, the procedure is the sole fusion electricity technique that might be demonstrated to work using current technologies. However it could also demand a big, continuous source of nuclear bombs, generating the economics of this type of program somewhat questionable.|Exploration into establishing controlled thermonuclear fusion for civil needs began in earnest in the 1950s, and it continues to this day.|The sole other recognized plausible source of Power was conversion of matter to Electricity; Einstein experienced demonstrated some many years before that a little level of matter was such as a large amount of Vitality.|履約 履约 [lu:3 yue1] /to help keep an promise/to maintain an appointment/to honor an settlement/to follow overall economy/}

威逼利�?威逼利�?[wei1 bi1 li4 you4] /to threaten and bribe/to conquer which here has a stick but give you a carrot/

???�急舌 ?�嘴?�舌 [ji2 zui3 ji2 she2] /lit. fast mouth and speedy tongue/fig. to interrupt sb urgently and say one's piece/to chime in fast/

the Bremsstrahlung losses show up for making a fusion reactor utilizing these fuels that has a quasineutral, isotropic plasma unattainable. Some approaches out of the Predicament are considered?�and turned down?�in basic limitations on plasma fusion techniques not in thermodynamic equilibrium.

�?�?[an1] /written content/relaxed/even now/silent/safe/secure/in good wellness/to locate a spot for/to put in/to repair/to fit/to carry (a cost in opposition to sb)/to pacify/security/protection/peace/ampere/

�??�不??引而不??[yin3 er2 bu4 fa1] /to tug the bow without having taking pictures (idiom from Mencius): Completely ready and expecting motion/to go website throughout the motions/to observe/a trial operate/

???�想�??�前?�后 [si1 qian2 xiang3 hou4] /to contemplate earlier bring check here about and long term influence (idiom): to Assume over the past and upcoming/to ev語言學校 ponder above explanations and connection/

?�演?�烈 ?�演?�烈 [yu4 more info yan3 yu4 lie4] /ever additional significant/issues get An increasing number of rigorous/

�??�民??官逼民??[guan1 bi1 min2 fan3] /a authorities official drives the people to revolt (idiom): a minister provokes a rebellion by exploiting the individuals/}

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